Web Design II


Course Introduction

Welcome to the course. This course focuses on helping you build speed and efficiency with key web development skills while also giving you exposure to broader topics of designing for the web. As you carry forward keep these crucial priorities in mind:

  1. We want to always design with the user in mind. This means our design sense should be subject first to the priorities of the users and conventions of the web. This should not limit our creativity, but rather, focus it.
  2. We want to work from detailed design mockups. Your design work should always strive to consider the details of a given layout and either include actual content or realistic simulations. The more we consider in our mockups the more focused our build outs can be on execution and not on further decision-making.
  3. We should be striving to match our design mockups as precisely as possible in our build outs. Significant focus will be placed here in this course so that we improve our mastery of this skill.

Let's roll ahead to the content with Lesson 1!