Web Design II



Codio is a web-based platform for coding solutions, especially in the context of a class like what you’re taking at Cedarville University. You will set up an account at the beginning of the course if you do not already have one and access activities directly through CULearn assignments.


Figma is a design tool that is available both in the web browser as well as through a Desktop Application. With an educational email address you can gain free access to the Professional tier of features. Watch for an invitation email from your professor to gain access to a set of files for activities in this course.

Here are some resources for getting to know Figma:

  • Figma End to End -- An overview of Figma and its key features.
  • Creating prototypes in Figma -- How to add interaction to a mockup so as to create a shareable prototype.
  • Other Figma tutorials -- A wide array of videos are available on Figma's official YouTube channel you can use as needed to learn specific features you're interested in.